'Storage' Post!

A couple of weeks ago on twitter, the weekly #bbloggers chat was occuring, and this time it was all about storage! My dream storage situation (in terms of makeup, toiletries etc) would be a vanity chest, with massive mirror and lots of drawers for the toiletries and everything else! Unfortunately, I have a tiny room with not too much space, so i have to make the most of what I have. I thought I'd show you some pictures of how I store everything!

The makeup i use every day/most often, stored in a shelf next to my bed :)

Right next to the everyday makeup is my light up mirror, brilliant for application, my brush bag (the black) and my extra makeup in the other bag!

All my nail varnishes, in a bit of a mess at the moment, stored in a lovely floral box!

My everyday cosmetics, stored on top of my glass jewellery box so they are in easy reach!

Some of my other toiletries, stored on a shelf :)

And lastly, all of my perfumes on the other end of the same shelf!

Sorry its all a bit messy!!

How do you store things? :)



  1. Wow you have so many perfumes! :O I store mine in a mini chest of drawers, a draw each for eyes, lips, etc. I then have a little red chest for my nail polishes :) I tend to get out all my most-used products and leave them out though, which means it can get quite messy most of the time :P xxx

  2. i hardly have any makeup so it all gets stored in my bathroom cabinet, and my nail polish is in a large box on my vanity table in my room, which really only has boxes of jewellery on it :)

  3. OOh i love seeing how everyone stores all their makeup and perfumes etc :) I store my nailvarnishes in a similar box too, but think I need a bigger one now - addicted! x

  4. I love seeing these types of posts!
    Woah, you have a crazy number of perfumes!!!


  5. Oh, my! You have so much make up and stuff! I don't even have a quarter of that, haha. I don't have storage problems, because well ... I don't have much to store in terms of make up and toiletries, hehe.

    Have a fun day!


  6. I store my earrings and jewellery using part of a shop display stand that I adopted after we got a new display stand at work. It's brilliant! I also would love an apothecary cabinet, to store lots of lovely things in all the little drawers :)

  7. Wow! These look great! I am so impressed!


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