Santa Was Kind This Year!

I know it's a tiny bit late, but I thought i'd share with you some of the presents I was lucky enough to get this year (and one cheeky card from Mike!)

Merry Christmas, Yo.



Kiss of the Vampire

Everything is settling down from Christmas now, it's all a bit sad really! Now we have New Years to look forward to, and also the after-christmas sales... yay! I got a lovely jacket with one of the vouchers I got for christmas, reduced from £65 to £30 (with another £3 off for student discount ;])
I'm also wearing my new snood - the eagle eyed among you may recognise it from this post, santa was very kind and bought it for me! :)

(the eyeshadow is from one of my christmas presents .. i'll show you it soon! :])

Top and Jacket: Topshop
Skirt: Boutique
Tights: House of Fraser
Shoes: Schuh (these are the leopard print version of my chuck brogues!)
Nails: Barry M 'Lilac Foil'



The Big Day

The festivities and merriment went ahead as planned yesterday, I got up super early and tucked into my stocking that santa brought, then waited for Mike and his mum to come round for Christmas Lunch! Dad makes the nicest roasties, and we had a three bird roast!

And some super messy Santa Jacket and Snowflake christmas nails!
(The tutorial for the jackets is here)

Did you all have an awesome Christmas Day?



Christmas Patterns

I usually theme my clothes every so often on colours, my favourite colour being what colour clothes I tend to buy and wear around that time. At the moment though, my 'colour' seems to be more aimed towards patterns - I can't get enough of christmas patterns! This cardigan was from 'Madhouse', a shop usually for men, but I found this gem in there, on sale, a men's XL, but perfect! Its soft and comfy, and very christmassy indeed :)

Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Madhouse
Tights: Sainsburys
Shoes: Schuh



Deck The Halls

Look what I got! I've wanted it for a while, thinking it would go perfectly with most of my skirts etc, so I went for it ^_^ I love it! The paw print is slightly softer than the rest of the jumper meaning I keep stroking myself (I have to remind myself not to do it in public!) Its a great length, because its long enough to cover my bum but not long enough that it covers the lovely skirt I'm wearing today. It follows the theme, pandas have paws too! :D
We're decorating the house today, which is making me feel super festive and excited for christmas!

Top (underneath) & Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Schuh
Tights: Sainsburys



Christmas Wants No. 2

(1&3 Topshop, 2 Ikea, 4 Schuh)

The glittterrrrrrr <3333 Also, how good would that bedspread look on ANY bed?!



Boux Avenue - The Products

When Boux Avenue kindly invited me in to have a look around the Cardiff store, they also offered me an underwear set of my choice! However, when I was fitted (by the most lovely store assistant I might add, who put me completely at ease even with my top off!) I was put up two sizes, meaning there was only one set in the entire shop that would actually fit me, hah. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it though, as it was lovely looking, and when I tried it on I was even more pleased - it was SO COMFORTABLE!
Here's some photographs of the set I receieved and the lovely packaging that Boux Avenue provide.

Scented petals - these are AMAZING and I've put them in my underwear drawer now! :)

What do you think?
I would definitely recommend Boux Avenue's underwear as it is well made, comfortable, looks good and isn't even as expensive as it looks!



Taste The Rainbow!

mmm, skittles. In a week's time, I'll be going home for christmas! Who else is excited? I am! Today I'm wearing something bright and cheerful, to warm me up against the chilly air outside. It really has got colder recently, which isn't good since my usual method of keeping my ears warm is my hair, and I can't have it down while my new tattoo heals! 

Top: H&M
Skirt (from a dress) & Leggings: Topshop
Boots: Clarks



Christmas Wants No. 1

Everybody seems to be doing this at the moment, so I thought I'd join in :) What are you hoping for this christmas?




Yesterday, I got my third tattoo done :) I'm not going to lie, it was pretty painful, but I'm VERY happy with it and it makes a lovely addition ^_^ What do you think? :)



Boux Avenue - The Cardiff Store

On the 5th of October this year, I ventured out to the South Wales Blogger Meet. There, I was introduced to Boux Avenue, which I had never encountered before - the Cardiff shop was not somewhere I was visited, as from the outside it looks expensive - too expensive for my student budget! However, the lovely lady on the Boux Avenue stand assured me that the prices were around the same as La Senza, but the quality was much nicer. I decided to take a visit, and I was hooked! On the website it says: ''Step into the wonderful world of Boux Avenue – come and fall in love with us'' and that I did. The entire store is luxurious in look and feel, and the little details make it, such as different light settings in the changing rooms (I like dusk myself!) The lovely people from Boux Avenue invited me to come for a fitting, to look around the store and to choose a complimentary set of underwear. Here are some pictures from the Cardiff store:

Gorgeous, right? Everyone in the Cardiff store was lovely and friendly, and i would definitely recommend it!



Winter Coats

As it happens, I have ONE coat that has seen me through 2 winters now and counting, but I'm on the lookout for a coat good enough to replace old faithful. Winter coats come in all kinds of styles, from fur to leather, and from nautical to plain. Here are some of my favourites that I might consider buying to replace my one!

1. Joanna Hope Fur Trim Coat, from £120
This might be a tad over the higher end of my budget, but it looks SO damn snuggly!

2. Faux Leopard Fur Jacket, from £65
Who DOESN'T need a bit of leopard in their wardrobe?!

3. Smart Coat with Contrast Buttons, from £49
This is such a great colour, and would work well to brighten up my winter wardrobe :)

4. Faux Suede Duffle Coat, from £65
Beautiful. This is my absolute fave!

Has your winter coat seen better days?


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